MOS - 00, 000, 0000

000 General Military Duty
0001 Duties Unassigned
0002 General Officer
0003 Relieved From Duty, Sick in Hospital or Quarters
0005 ROTC Officer Awaiting Entry On Active Duty
0006 Student Officer
0009 Special Assignment
001A Unqualified in Authorized Warrant Officer MOS
002A Patient
0030 Postal Officer
0030 Sports Specialist
003A Student
004A Duties Unassigned or In Transit
00B Diver
00C Dog Trainer
00D Special Duty Assignment
00E Recruiter And Career Counselor
00F Drill Sergeant
00G Target Aircraft Crewman
00H Enlisted Aide
00J Club/Community Activities Manager
00U Race/Relations/Equal Opportunity Specialist
00Z Command Sergeant Major
01B Electrical-Electronic Engineering Assistant
01C Mechanical Engineering Assistant
01D Civil Engineering Assistant
01E Mathematics Statistics Assistant
01F Physical Sciences Assistant
01G Chemical Engineering Assistant
01H Biological Sciences Assistant
01K Personnel Psychology Specialist
01L Audit Specialist
0205 Communications & Electronics Staff Officer
0213 Post Communication Electronics Officer
021A Club Manager
0220 Area Signal Center Officer
0221 Communications Center Officer
02B Band Member Coronet Or Trumpet Player
02C Band Member Baritone Or Euphonium Player
02D Band Member French Horn Player
02E Band Member Trombone Player
02F Band Member Tuba Player
02G Band Member Flute Or Piccolo Player
02H Band Member Oboe Player
02J Band Member Clarinet Player
02K Band Member Basoon Player
02L Band Member Saxaphone Player
02M Band Member Percussion Player
02N Band Member Piano Player
02P Brass Group Leader
02Q Woodwind Group Leader
02R Percussion Group Leader
02S Special Band Member
02T Band Member Guitar Player
02Z Bands Senior Sergeant
0300 Fixed Plant Signal Unit Commander
031A Bandmaster
031C No occupational title data available
03B Performing Arts Specialist
03C Physical Activities Specialist
03D Arts And Crafts Specialist
03Z Recreation Specialist
03Z Special Services Senior Sergeant
0405 Telephone-Digital Communications Officer
0425 Cable Communications Officer
04B Translator-Interpreter
04C Expert Linguist
0505 Radio Systems Officer
051A Veterinary Services Technician
052A Non-Morse Intercept Technician
053A Special Identification Technician
0590 Radio Controlled Target Airplane Officer
05B Radio Operator
05C Radio Teletype Operator
05D EW/SIGINT Identifier
05E Voice-Radio Operator
05F Radio Teletypewriter Operator
05G Signal Security Specialist
05H EW/SIGINT Morse Interceptor
05K EW/SIGINT Non-Morse Interceptor
0600 Motor Officer
0605 Nurse Anesthetist
0609 Highway Transport Planning Officer
0612 Field Transportation Officer
0615 Highway Traffic Engineer
061C Airplane Pilot, Multi-engine
062B Helicopter Pilot, Utility and Light Cargo Single Rotor
062C Helicopter Pilot, Utility and Light Cargo Tandem Rotor
062D Helicopter Pilot, Medium Transport
0660 Highway Transport Officer
0663 Engineer Equipment Officer
0668 Amphibious Craft Officer
0692 Transportation Officer
0693 Transportation Traffic Management Officer
0694 Transportation Movements Officer
0706 Trainmaster
0715 Railway Maintenance-Of-Way Superintendent
0716 Railway Bridge & Building Supervisor
0717 Railway Track Supervisor
0718 Railway Signal Maintenance Supervisor
0720 Road Foreman, Railroad Locomotives
0730 Yardmaster
0735 Railway Master Mechanic
0736 Railway Car Foreman
0737 Enginehouse Foreman
0740 Railway Dispatcher
0750 Railway Operations Superintendent
0753 Railway Car Service Superintendent
0754 Railway Equipment Superintendent
0801 Harbor Master
0804 Cargo Officer
0815 Port Operations Officer
0820 Dredge Master
0823 Dredge Engineering Officer
0825 Harbor Craft Unit Commander
09B Basic Trainee
09C Basic Trainee
09D College Trainee
09E Wac Trainee
09F Chaplain's Assistant (Catholic)
09G Chaplain's Assistant (Protestant)
09H Chaplain's Assistant (Jewish)
09S Commissioned Officer Candidate
09W Warrant Officer Candidate