MOS - 20, 200, 2000

2010 Chief of Staff
2011 Secretary of The General Staff
2015 Congressional Liaison Officer
2019 Post Commander
201A Meteorology Technician
2025 Major Departmental Unit Chief or Director
202A Biomedical Equipment Repair Technician
2030 Aide-De-Camp
2040 Test & Evaluation Officer
2110 Adjutant or Adjutant General
211A Target Acquisition Radar Technician
2120 Administrative Officer
212B Field Artillery Missile Assembly Technician, Corporal
2136 Nontactical Unit Officer
213B Field Artillery Missile Fire Control Technician, Corporal
2145 WAC Staff Adviser
214C Field Artillery Missile System Technician, LaCross
214D Field Artillery Missile System Technician, Redstone
214E Missile System Technician, Pershing
214F Field Artillery Missile System Technician (Sergeant)
2162 Operations & Training Staff Officer (G3, S3)
2163 Air Operations Officer (G3, S3)
2167 Research & Development Coordinator
2170 Technical Operations Officer
2180 Civil-Military Operations Staff Officer (G5, S5)
21A Ballistic Missile Repair Apprentice
21B REDSTONE Electronic Mechanic
21C REDSTONE Guidance Repairman
21D REDSTONE Test Instrument Repairman
21E Sergeant Guidance Repairman
21F Sergeant Test Station Repairman
21G PERSHING Electronics Materiel Specialist
21H PERSHING Guidance And Control Repairer
21J PERSHING Test Equipment Repairman
21K PERSHING Computer Repairman
21L PERSHING Electronic Repairer
21M PERSHING Digital Equipment Repairer
21R Sergeant Firing Set Repairman
21S Sergeant Missile Guidance Repairman
21T Sergeant Test Equipment Repairman
21U Sergeant Maintenance Chief
21V PERSHING Maintenance Chief
2200 Personnel Officer
2210 Personnel Management Officer
221B Missile Assembly Technician, Nike
221C Missile Maintenance Technician, Safeguard
222B Missile Fire Control Technician, Nike
2239 Psychological Assistant
223C Air Defense Missile System Technician (Hawk)
223D Air Defense Missile System Technician, Improved Hawk
224B Chaparral-Vulcan Systems Technician
225B ADA Command and Control Maintenance Technician
2260 Personnel Staff Officer (G1, S1)
2265 Manpower Control Officer
226B Missile Site Radar Maintenance Technician
226C Perimeter Acquisition Radar Manitenance Technician
22A Electronic Repair Apprentice
22B CORPORAL Electronics Mechanic
22C CORPORAL Missile Repairman
22F HURCULES Electronics Mechanic
22G NIKE Launcher System Repairman
22H NIKE Internal Guidance Repairman
22J HAWK Missile Launcher Mechanic
22K HAWK Missile-Launcher Repairer
22L NIKE-HURCULES Test Equipment Repairer
22M NIKE Missile Repairman
22N NIKE-HURCULES Missile-Launcher Repairer
2310 Recruiting & Induction Officer
231A Air Defense Artillery Fire Control Maintenance Technician
232A Fire Control Radar Technician
2330 Labor Relations Officer
2334 Selective Service Officer
2350 Race Relations/Equal Opportunity Officer
23B CORPORAL Fire Control Mechanic
23C CORPORAL Fire Control Repairman
23G NIKE-HURCULES Fire Control Mechanic
23M NIKE Acquisition Radar Repairman
23N NIKE-HURCULES Track Radar Repairer
23P HAWK Fire Control Mechanic
23Q HAWK Fire Control Repairer
23R HAWK Continuous Wave Radar Mechanic
23S HAWK Pulse Radar Repairer
23T HAWK Continuous Wave Radar Repairer
23U NIKE-HURCULES High Power Radar Simulator Repairer
23V HAWK Maintenance Chief
23W NIKE Maintenance Chief
2401 ADP Officer, PCM
2402 ADP Officer
241B Field Artillery Missile System Repair Technician, Corporal
241C Field Artillery Missile System Repair Technician, LaCross
241D Field Artillery Missile System Repair Technician, Redstone
241E Field Artillery Missile Systems Repair Technician, Sergeant
241F Field Artillery Missile Systems Repair Technician, Pershing
2420 Archivist
2421 Military Historian
2430 Memorial Activities Officer
24B HAWK Continuous Wave Radar Mechanic
24C HAWK Firing Section Mechanic
24D HAWK Missile Launcher Mechanic
24E HAWK Fire Control Mechanic
24F HAWK Fire Control Mechanic
24G HAWK Information Coordination Central Mechanic
24H HAWK Fire Control Repairer
24J HAWK Pulse Radar Repairer
24K HAWK Continuous Wave Radar Repairer
24M VULCAN System Mechanic
24N CHAPARRAL System Mechanic
24P Defense Acquisition Radar Mechanic
24Q NIKE-HURCULES Fire Control Mechanic
24U NIKE-HURCULES Custodial Mechanic
24V HAWK Maintenance Chief
2500 School Commandant
2510 Adviser Group Commander/Senior Adviser (Reserve Component)
2517 Professor of Military Science
2518 Aviation Staff Officer
251B Air Defense Missile System Repair Technician, Nike
251C Air Defense Missile System Repair Technician, Hawk
251D Air Defense Missile System Repair Technician, Improved Hawk
2520 Training Officer
252A Test Measuring and Diagnostic Equipment Support Technician
2548 Training Aids Officer
25B Automatic Data Link Repairman
25C Integrated Data Link Repairman
25D Birdie Repairman
25E Radar Tracking Station Repairman
25F Radar Display Equipment Repairman
25G Mobil Adcp Monitor Repairman
25H Radar Data Processing Equipment Repairman
25J Operations Central Repairer
25K AN/TSQ-51 System Repairer Maintenance Chief
260A Nuclear Weapons Technician
2610 Management Analyst
2615 Organization & Equipment Planning Officer
261A Special Ammunition Maintenance Technician
2622 Training Center Unit Officer
2624 Logistical Commander
2625 Logistics Officer
262A Nuclear Weapons Electronic Technician
2640 Troop Movements Officer
26B Weapons Support Radar Repairer
26C Target Acquisition Surveillance Radar Repairer
26D Ground Control Approach Radar Repairer
26E Airborne Sensor Specialist
26F Ground Radar Repairman
26G Ground Control Approach Radar Repairman
26H Air Defense Radar Repairer
26J Defense Acquisition Radar Mechanic
26K Aerial Early Warning/Defense Equipment Repairer
26K Electronic Warfare Equipment Repairman
26L Tactical Microwave Systems Repairer
26M Airborne Surveillance Radar Repairer
26N Aerial Surveillance Infrared Repairer
26P Radio Propogation Specialist
26T Radio/TV Systems Specialist
26U Unattended Ground Sensor Systems Repairman
26V Strategic Microwave Systems Repairer
26W Radar Maintenance Supervisor-Inspector
26Y Satellite Communications Equipment Repair
2701 Nonmilitary Subjects Instruction Officer (Designated Subject)
2715 Military Leadership Instructor
271A Land Combat Missile Systems Repair Technician
2720 Civil Defense Officer
2728 Military College Faculty Member
27A Missile Systems Apprentice
27B Land Combat Support System (LCSS) Test Specialist
27C Combat Missile Systems Repairman
27D Lance Missile System Repairman
27E TOW/Dragon Missile Electronics Repairer
27F VULCAN Repairer
27H Shillelagh Repairer
27Z Land Combat/air Defense Systems Maintenance Chief
2800 Comptroller
2801 Comptroller Staff Officer, Army General Staff
281A Radio Repair Technician
282A Radar Repair Technician
283A Electronic Warfare Repair Technician
284A Television Repair Technician
285A Electronic Warfare/Intercept Equipment Repair Technician
286A Communications-Electronics Equipment Repair Technician
28B Missile Site Radar Repairman
28C Safeguard Digital Repairman
28D Perimeter Acquisition Radar Electronic Repairman
28M Anti-Ballistic Missile Maintenance Specialist
28N Safeguard Missile Site Radar Specialist
28P Safeguard Perimeter Acquisition Radar Specialist
28Q Safeguard Data Processing System Maintenance Specialist
28R Safeguard Dps Peripheral Equipment Maintenance Specialist
2900 Headquarters Unit Commander
2910 Service Company Commander