MOS - 30, 300, 3000

3000 Executive Medicine Officer
3004 Nuclear Medical Officer
3005 Preventive Medicine Officer
3006 Occupational Medicine Officer
3012 Health Care Administrator
301A Data Processing Equipment Repair Technician
3100 General Medical Officer
3101 Pulmonary Disease Officer
3105 Gastroenterologist
3107 Cardiologist
3108 Obstetrician & Gynecologist
3111 Urologist
3112 Dermatologist
3113 Allergist/Clinical Immunologist
3115 Anesthesiologist
3116 Pediatrician
3117 Pediatric Cardiologist
3118 Child Neurologist
3125 Ophthalmologist
3126 Otorhinolaryngologist
3127 Child Psychiatrist
3128 Neurologist
3129 Psychiatrist
3130 Adolescent Psychiatrist
3131 Neurosurgeon
3132 Hematologist
3134 Nephrologist
3135 Medical Oncologist
3136 Endocrinologist
3137 Rheumatologist
3138 Clinical Pharmacologist
3139 Internist
3140 Infectious Disease Officer
3141 Family Physician
3150 General Surgeon
3151 Thoracic Surgeon
3152 Plastic Surgeon
3153 Orthopedic Surgeon
3154 Peripheral Vascular Surgeon
3160 Aviation Medical Officer
3167 Preventive Dentistry Officer
3168 Endodontist
3170 General Dentistry Officer
3171 Oral Surgeon
3172 Pedodontist
3173 Orthodontist
3174 Periodontist
3175 Prosthodontist, Removable
3176 Prosthodontist, Fixed
3177 Oral Pathologist
3178 Dental Staff Officer
3179 Oral Medicine Officer
3180 Physiatrist
31B Field Communications Electronics Equipment Mechanic
31C Armor Radio Mechanic
31D Artillery Radio Mechanic
31D PERSHING Communications Specialist
31E Field Radio Repairer
31F Infantry Communications Chief
31G Tactical Communications Chief
31H Artillery Communications Chief
31J Teletypewriter Repairer
31K General Cryptographic Repairman
31L Multichannel Communications Equipment Repairman
31M Multichannel Transmission Systems
31N Communications Systems/Circuit Controller
31Q Avionics Repairman
31R Target Aircraft Control System Mechanic
31S Field General Communication Security Repairer
31T Field Systems Communications Security Equipment Repairer
31U Tactical COMSEC Maintenance Chief
31W Tactical Electronics Maintenance Chief
31Z Telecommunications Operations Chief
3200 General Veterinary Officer
3201 Veterinary Public Health Officer
3202 Small Animal Veterinary Officer
3203 Veterinary Staff Officer
3204 Veterinary Food Hygienist
3205 Veterinary Laboratory Animal Officer
3206 Veterinary Pathologist
3207 Veterinary Microbiologist/Parasitologist
3208 Veterinary Radiobiologist/Radiologist
3209 Veterinary Comparative Medicine Officer
3210 Veterinary Laboratory Officer
32A Fixed Station Attendant
32B Fixed Station Receiver Repairman
32C Fixed Station Transmitter Repairman
32D Communications System Circuit Controller
32E Fixed Plant Carrier Repairman
32F Fixed Ciphony Repairer
32G Fixed Cryptographic Equipment Repairer
32H Fixed Station Radio Repairer
32Z Communications-Electronics Maintenance Chief
3304 Therapeutic Radiologist (Radiation Oncologist)
3305 Diagnostic Radiologist
3306 Radiologist
3307 Microbiologist
3308 Nuclear Medical Science Officer
3309 Biochemist
3310 Parasitologist
3311 Immunologist
3314 Clinical Laboratory Officer
3315 Entomologist
3316 Nutrition Officer
3318 Pharmacy Officer
3324 Anatomical Pathologist
3325 Pathologist
3326 Clinical Pathologist
3327 Physiologist
3328 Forensic Pathologist
3329 Neuropathologist
3340 Optometry Officer
3350 Podiatrist
3360 Audiologist
3370 Environmental Science Officer
3371 Sanitary Engineer
3380 Military Community Oral Health Manager
33B General Intercept Equipment Repairman
33C Terminal Receiving System Repairman
33D Intercept Recoding Systems Repairman
33E Microbarograph Equipment Repairman
33F Intercept Demultiplex Systems Repairman
33G ECM/DF Systems Repairman
33Z Intercept Systems Maintenance Supervisor-Inspector
3416 Occupational Therapist
3418 Physical Therapist
341A Cryptographic Equipment Repair Technician
3420 Hospital Dietitian
3430 Nurse Administrator
3431 Community Health Nurse
3437 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse
3442 Pediatric Nurse
3443 Operating Room Nurse
3445 Nurse Anesthetist
3446 Obstetric & Gynecologic Nurse
3448 Medical-Surgical Nurse
3449 Clinical Nurse
34B Punch Card Machine Repairer
34C ADP Auxiliary Equipment Repairman
34D ADPS Repairman
34E NCR 500 Computer Repairer
34F Digital Subscriber Terminal Equipment(DSTE) Repairer
34G Fire Control Computer Repairer
34H Automatic Digital Message Switch Equipment(ADMSE) Repairer
34J Univac 1004/1005 DCT 9000 System Repairer
34K IBM 3000 Repairer
34L ADMS Peripheral Equipment Repairman
34M Sds 920 Equipment Repairman
3506 Field Medical Assistant
3510 Health Services Comptroller
351A Power Station Technician
3520 Biomedical Information Systems Officer
3530 Patient Administration Officer
3560 Health Services Personnel Manager
3565 Health Services Manpower Control Officer
3570 Health Services Plans & Operations Officer
3581 Aeromedical Evacuation Officer
3590 Health Services Materiel Officer
3593 Health Services Intelligence Officer
3595 Health Facilities Planning Officer
35B Electronic Instrument Repairer
35C Electronic Devices Repairman
35D Meteorological Equipment Repairman
35E Special Electronic Devices Repairer
35F Nuclear Weapons Electronics Specialist
35G Medical Equipment Repairer, Unit Level
35H Test, Measurement, And Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Maintenance Support Specialist
35J Aircraft Fire Control Repairman
35K Avionics Mechanic
35L Avionic Communications Equipment Repairer
35M Avionic Navigation And Flight Control Equipment Repairer
35N Avionic Flight Control Equipment Repairman
35P Avionic Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
35R Avionic Special Equipment Repairer
35S Electronic Biomedical Equipment Repairer
35T X-ray Biomedical Equipment Repairer
35U Medical Equipment Repairer, Advanced
3606 Social Work Officer
361A Fire Distribution Systems Repair Technician
3620 Psychologist
3621 Health Services Research Psychologist
3639 Behavioral Science Associate
36A Wireman
36B Telephone Installer-Repairman
36C Wire Systems Installer
36D Antenna Installer Specialist
36E Cable Splicer
36F Circuit Control Specialist
36G Manual Central Office Repairman
36H Dail/Manual Central Office Repairer
36K Tactical Wire Operations Specialist
3900 Medical Unit Commander