MOS - 40, 400, 4000

4010 Supply Staff Officer (G4, S4)
4011 Maintenance Staff Officer
4112 Club Manager
4114 Food Adviser
411A Ammunition Technician
4130 Subsistence Officer
41B Topographic Instrument Repair Specialist
41C Fire Control Instrument Repairer
41D Watch Repairman
41E Audio-Visual Equipment Repairer
41F Projector Repairman
41G Aerial Surveillance Photographic Equipment Repairer
41H Photographic Equipment Repair Chief
41J Office Machine Repairer
41K Reproduction Equipment Repair Specialist
4200 Supply & Service Officer
4201 Supply Management Officer
4210 Army Exchange Officer
421A Armament Repair Technician
4223 Commissary Officer
42B Cast Specialist
42C Orthotic Specialist
42D Dental Laboratory Specialist
42E Optical Laboratory Specialist
42F Dental Fixed Prosthetic Specialist
4300 Materiel Project/Product Manager
4312 Real Estate Officer
4319 Procurement Control & Production Officer
4320 Procurement Officer
4360 Printing Officer
4371 Dog Handling Officer
43A Textile And Leather Repair Assistant
43B Textile Repairman
43C Canvas And Leather Repairman
43D Shoe Repairman
43E Parachute Rigger
43J Textile Repairman
43K Canvas Repairman
43L Shoe Repairman
43M Fabric Repair Specialist
4403 Foreign Aid Supply Officer
441A Repair Shop Technician
4420 Aircraft Supply Officer
4445 Storage Officer
4475 Railway Supply Officer
44A Metal Working Assistant
44B Metal Worker
44C Welder
44D Blacksmith
44E Machinist
44K Marine Hull Repairman
44Z Metal Working Foreman
4510 Unit Ammunition Officer
4514 Conventional Ammunition Officer
4515 Missile & Munitions Officer
4516 Missile Maintenance Officer
4517 Special Ammunition Officer
45A Armament Maintenance Apprentice
45B Small Arms/Artillery Repairer
45C Field Artillery Repairman
45D Artillery Calibration Specialist
45E Air Defense Artillery Repairman
45F Artillery Mechanic
45G Turret Artillery Repairman
45H Small Missile Systems Repairman
45J Aircraft Armament Repairman
45K Armament Repairer
45L Artillery Repairer
45M Aircraft Armament Subsystem Mechanic
45N M60A1/A3 Tank Turret Mechanic
45P Sheridan Turret Mechanic
45R M60A2 Tank Turret Mechanic
45Z Armament/Fire Control Maintenance Supervisor
4600 Property Disposal Officer
4601 Salvage Collecting Officer
461A Airdrop Equipment Repair Technician
46A Missile Mechanical Repair Apprentice
46C HURCULES Missile Mechanic
46D Improved HAWK Mechanical Systems Repairman
46D NIKE Mechanical Repairman
46F HAWK Mechanical Repairman
46G CORPORAL Missile Crewman
46H CORPORAL Ground Handling Equipment Repairman
46J REDSTONE Missile Mechanic
46K REDSTONE Propulsion/Structures Repairman
46L Sergeant Electrical Mechanical Repairman
46M PERSHING Rocket Motor/Structures Repairman
46N PERSHING Electrical-Mechanical Repairer
4803 Maintenance Officer
4804 Marine Maintenance Officer
4808 Armament Maintenance & Repair Officer
4815 Mechanical Maintenance Officer
4818 Tire Maintenance & Repair Officer
4820 Parachute Maintenance & Aerial Supply Officer
4823 Aircraft Maintenance Officer
4825 Electronics Maintenance Officer
4830 Laundry & Fumigation Officer
4850 Railway Shop Superintendent
4851 Car Repair Shop Superintendent
4857 Railway Machine Shop Superintendent
4862 Diesel Locomotive Shop Superintendent
4940 Water Supply Unit Commander
4942 Forestry Officer
4944 Gas Generating Unit Commander
4960 Petroleum Products Supply Officer