MOS - 50, 500, 5000

5000 Recreation Services Officer
51A Construction And Utilities Worker
51B Carpentry And Masonry Specialist
51C Structure Specialist
51D Mason
51E Camouflage Specialist
51F Pipeline Specialist
51G Materials Quality Specialists
51H Construction Engineering Supervisor
51J Heating And Ventilating Specialist
51L Refrigeration Specialist
51M Firefighter
51N Water Treatment Specialist
51P Utilities Engineering Supervisor
51Q Terrain Analyst
51R Interior Electrician
51S Tactical Support Environmental Equipment Repairman
521A Utilities Maintenance Technician
521B No occupational title data available
521C Tactical Support Equipment Maintenance Technician Safeguard
5241 Army Band Officer
52A Powerman
52B Power Generation Equipment Operator/Mechanic
52C Utilities Equipment Repairer
52D Power-Generation Equipment Repairer
52E Prime Power Production Specialist
52F Electrician
52G High Voltage Electrician
52H Nuclear Power Plant Mechanic/Operator
52J Nuclear Power Plant Electrician/Operator
52K Nuclear Power Plant Instrument/Operator
52L Nuclear Power Plant Processing/Control Specialist
52M Nuclear Power Plant Chief
52N Tactical Support Electrical Equipment Repairman
52W Tactical Support Equipment Maintenance And Repair Supervisor
5310 Chaplain
53B Industrial Gas Production Specialist
53C Carbon Dioxide-Hydrogen Production Specialist
53D Liquid-Oxygen-Nitrogen Production Specialist
5400 Publications Officer
54A Chemical Operations Specialist
54B Decontamination Specialist
54C Smoke Operations Specialist
54D Chemical Equipment Repairer
54E Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical (NBC) Specialist
54F Chemical Operations Specialist
5503 Public Education Officer
5505 Information Officer
5522 Broadcast Officer
5525 Physical Reconditioning Officer
55A Ammunition Helper
55B Ammunition Specialist
55C Ammunition Maintenance Specialist
55D Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Specialist
55E Chemical Demolitions Specialist
55F Missile And Rocket Explosive Specialist
55G Nuclear Weapons Specialist
55X Ammunition Inspector
55Z Ammunition Supervisor
561A Master or Mate
561B Harbormaster/Pilot
561C Vessel Master, Unlimited
561D Vessel Master, Coastal; Mate, Unlimited
561E Mate
562A Marine Engineering Technician
562B Marine Engineering Technician/Marine Inspector
562C Chief Engineer, Unlimited
562D Chief Engineer, Coastal; Assistant Engineer, Unlimited
562E Assistant Engineer
56A Supply Handler
56B General Warehouseman
56C Petroleum Storage Specialist
56D Subsistance Storage Specialist
56E Stevedore
57A Duty Soldier
57B Railway Section Foreman
57C Tire Repairman
57D Sawyer
57E Laundry And Bath Specialist
57F Mortuary Affairs Specialist
57G Duty Foreman
57H Cargo Specialist
5900 Public Welfare Officer