MOS - 60, 600, 6000

6010 Public Finance Officer
6100 Finance & Accounting Officer
6101 Accounting Officer
61A Seaman
61B Watercraft Operator
61C Watercraft Engineer
61D Amphibian Operator
61E Amphibian Engineer
61F Marine Hull Repairer
61Z Marine Senior Sergeant
6200 Finance Staff Officer
6201 Finance Disbursing Officer
621A Engineer Equipment Repair Technician
62A Engineer Equipment Assistant
62B Construction Equipment Repairer
62C Engineer Missile Equipment Specialist
62D Asphalt Equipment Operator
62E Heavy Construction Equipment Operator
62F Crane Operator
62G Quarrying Specialist
62H Concrete And Asphalt Equipment Operator
62J General Construction Equipment Operator
62K Grader Operator
62L Wheeled Tractor Operator
62M Rough Terrain Forklift And Loader Operator
62N Construction Equipment Supervisor
62P Tactical Support Mechanical Equipment
6302 Program/Budget Officer
631A Automotive Maintenance Technician
632A Automotive Repair Technician
63A Mechanical Maintenance Helper
63B Light-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
63C General Vehicle Repairman
63D Quartermaster Light Equipment Repairman
63E Quartermaster Heavy Equipment Repairman
63F Recovery Specialist
63G Fuel And Electrical Systems Repairer
63H Track Vehicle Repairer
63J Quartermaster And Chemical Equipment Repairer
63K Quartermaster Heavy Equipment Repairman
63L Quartermaster Equipment Maintenance Senior
63Z Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor
6400 Statistician
6410 Economist
64A Light Vehicle Driver
64B Heavy Vehicle Driver
64C Motor Transport Operator
65A Railway Maintenance And Operations Apprentice
65B Locomotive Repairer
65C Diesel-electrical Locomotive Repairman
65D Railway Car Repairer
65E Airbrake Repairer
65F Locomotive Electrician
65G Railway Section Repairer
65H Locomotive Operator
65J Train Crewmember
65K Railway Movement Coordinator
65Z Railway Senior Sergeant
66A Railway Operations Apprentice
66B Locomotive Operator
66C Trainman
66D Railway Movement Coordinator
671B Aircraft Repair Technician, Non-rated
671C Aircraft Repair Technician, Rotary Wing Rated
671D Aircraft Repair Technician, Fixed Wing Rated
671E Aircraft Repair Technician, Rotary & Fixed Wing Rated
67A Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice
67B O-1/U-6 Airplane Repairman
67C U/A Airplane Repairman
67D Single-Engine Airplane Repairman
67E Single-Engine Airplane Maintenance Chief
67F Airplane Technical Inspector
67G Utility Airplane Repairer
67H 0V-1 Airplane Repairman
67J Multi-Engine Medium Transport Airplane Mechanic
67K Multi-Engine Airplane Repairman
67L Multi-Engine Airplane Maintenance Chief
67M OH-13/OH-23 Helicopter Repairman
67N UH-1 Helicopter Repairer
67P CH-34 Helicopter Repairman
67Q Single-Engine Single-Rotor Helicopter Repairman
67R OH-58 Helicopter Repairman
67R Single-Engine Single-Rotor Helicopter Maintenance Chief
67S Single-Engine Tandem-Rotor Helicopter Mechanic
67T CH-37 Helicopter Repairman
67U CH-47 Helicopter Repairer
67V Observation/Scout Helicopter Repairer
67W Aircraft Quality Control Supervisor
67X Heavy Lift Helicopter Repairer
67Y AH-1 Attack Helicopter Repairer
67Z Aircraft Maintenance Senior Sergeant
68A Aircraft Components Repair Apprentice
68B Aircraft Powerplant Repairer
68C Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Repairman
68D Aircraft Powertrain Repairer
68E Aircraft Rotor And Propeller Repairman
68F Aircraft Electrician
68G Aircraft Structural Repairer
68H Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer
68J Aircraft Instrument Repairman