MOS - 70, 700, 7000

7004 Division Engineer
7010 Engineer Staff Officer
7020 Public Works & Utilities Officer
70A Clerk
7110 Construction Engineer
711A Personnel/Administrative Technician
712A General Staff Administrative Technician
7130 Facilities Engineer
713A Legal Administrator
7140 Highway Engineer
71A Clerk
71B Clerk-Typist
71C Executive Administrative Assistant
71D Legal Specialist
71E Court Reporter
71F Postal Clerk
71G Patient Administration Specialist
71H Personnel Specialist
71J Pay Records Specialist
71K Personnel Management Specialist
71L Administrative Specialist
71M Chaplain's Assistant
71N Traffic Management Coordinator
71P Flight Operations Coordinator
71Q Journalist
71R Broadcast Journalist
71S Attache Specialist
71T Equipment Maintenance Clerk
71U Card And Tape Writer
7211 Marine Hull Maintenence Officer
721A Cryptographic Technician
7221 Marine Engine Maintenance Officer
7240 Port & Dock Construction Engineer
7242 Marine Diver
72B Communications Center Specialist
72C Central Office Switchboard Operator
72D Cryptographic Center Specialist
72E Tactical Telecommunications Center Operator
72F Data Communications Terminal Specialist
72G Automatic Data Telecommunications Center Operator
72H Central Office Operations Operator
7300 Chemical Engineer
7312 Physicist
7314 Chemical Staff Officer
7315 Chemical Combat Service Support Officer
7317 Metallurgist
7318 Organic Chemist
7319 Chemist
7320 Munitions Production Officer
7330 Nuclear Weapons Effects Officer
7360 Chemical Munitions Development Officer
73A Finance Clerk
73B Audit Specialist
73C Finance Specialist
73D Accounting Specialist
73Z Finance Senior Sergeant
741B Data Processing Technician, PCM
741C Data Processing Technician, ADPS
741D Data Processing Technician, Programmer
741E Telecommunications Automation Software Technician
7421 Production Engineer
7422 Safety Engineer
7423 Aviation Safety Officer
7424 Experimental Test Pilot
74A Data Processing Equipment Operator
74B Card And Tape Writer
74C Data Analysis Specialist
74D Information Systems Operator
74E Computer Systems Operator
74F Software Analyst
74G ADP Systems Analyst
74Z Record Information Systems Chief
7500 Mechanical Engineer
7501 Aeronautical Engineer
7502 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Engineer
75B Personnel Administration Specialist
75C Personnel Management Specialist
75D Personnel Records Specialist
75E Personnel Actions Specialist
75Z Personnel Sergeant
7601 Electronics Engineer
7611 Electrical Engineer
761A General Supply Technician
762A Support Supply Technician
76A Supplyman
76B Chemical Supply And Parts Specialist
76D Ordnance Supply And Part Specialist
76E Quartermaster Supply Specialist
76F Quartermaster Parts Supply Specialist
76G Signal Supply And Parts Specialist
76H Transportation Supply And Parts Specialist
76J Medical Supply Specialist
76K General Supply Specialist
76L Film Library Specialist
76M Ammunition Records Clerk
76N Procurement Sergeant
76P Materiel Control And Accounting Specialist
76Q Special Purpose Materiel Supply Specialist
76R Weapons Materiel Supply Specialist
76S Vehicle Materiel Supply Specialist
76T Aircraft Materiel Supply Specialist
76U Communications Electronics Materiel Supply Specialist
76V Materiel Storage And Handling Specialist
76W Petroleum Supply Specialist
76X Subsistence Supply Specialist
76Y Unit Supply Specialist
76Z Senior Supply/Service Sergeant
7750 Communications Electronics Systems Engineer
7860 Radio Engineer
7881 Radio Frequency Engineering Officer
7899 Public Communications Officer
7900 Civil Engineer
7902 Soils Engineer
7915 Topographic Engineer
7922 Railway Construction Engineer
7930 Petroleum Engineer
7932 Pipeline Engineer
7940 Geologist
7960 Sanitary Engineer