MOS - 80, 800, 8000

8000 Civil Affairs Agricultural Officer
8101 Legal Officer
8102 Military Judge, Trial & Appellate Level
8103 Judge Advocate or Judge Advocate General
8104 Civil Government Officer
8105 Civil Affairs Officer (G5, S5)
811A Photomapping Technician
8130 Patent Lawyer
81A General Draftsman
81B Technical Drafting Specialist
81C Cartographer
81D Map Compiler
81E Illustrator
81F Model Maker
81Q Terrain Intelligence Analyst
8204 Meteorologist
821A Survey Technician
82A Rodman And Tapeman
82B Construction Surveyor
82C Field Artillery Surveyor
82D Topographic Surveyor
82E Topographic Computer
8311 Geographer
831A Map Reproduction Technician
832A No occupational title data available
833A Reproduction Technician
83A Printer's Apprentice
83B Compositor
83C Letter Pressman
83D Process Photographer
83E Photo And Layout Specialist
83F Printing And Bindery Specialist
83Z Photolithography Chief
8400 Physical Anthropologist
8430 Research Psychologist
84B Still Photographic Specialist
84C Motion Picture Specialist
84D Audio Specialist
84E Television Cameraman
84F Audio/TV Specialist
84G Photographic Laboratory Specialist
8500 Pictorial Unit Commander
8510 Pictorial Officer
8511 Motion Picture & TV Director
8521 Motion Picture or TV Writer
8530 Audio-Visual Instructional Technology Officer
8605 Arts-Monuments Officer
8700 Operations Research/Systems Analysis (OR/SA) Officer