MOS - 90, 900, 9000

9000 Public Safety Officer
9100 Provost Marshal
9110 Military Police Officer
911A Nuclear Weapons Technician
9121 Correctional Officer
913A Armament Repair Technician
9150 Criminal Investigation Officer
915A Unit Maintenance Technician (Light)
919A Engineer Equipment Repair
91A Medical Corpsman
91B Medical NCO
91C Practical Nurse
91D Operating Room Specialist
91E Dental Specialist
91F Psychiatric Specialist
91G Behavioral Science Specialist
91H Social Work Specialist
91J Physical Therapy Specialist
91K Physical Reconditioning Specialist
91L Occupational Therapy Specialist
91M Electroencephalograph Specialist
91N Cardiac Specialist
91P Radiology Specialist
91Q Pharmacy Specialist
91R Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist
91S Preventive Medicine Specialist
91T Animal Care Specialist
91U Ear, Nose, And Throat Specialist
91V Respiratory Specialist
91W Nuclear Medicine Specialist
91Y Eye Specialist
91Z Medical Senior Sergeant
9224 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer
92B Medical Laboratory Specialist
92C Petroleum Laboratory Specialist
92D Chemical Laboratory Specialist
9300 Strategic Intelligence Staff Officer (G2, J2)
9301 Tactical Intelligence Staff Officer (G2, S2)
9303 Army Attache
9305 Psychological Operations Officer
9307 Installation Intelligence Officer
9309 Aerial Surveillance Officer
9310 Inspector General
9330 Translation Officer (Designated Language)
9332 Interpreter
9335 Censorship Officer
93B Air Traffic Controller
93D Flight Simulator Specialist
93E Meteorological Observer
93F Field Artillery Meteorological Crewmember
93G Microbarograph Specialist
93H Air Traffic Control Tower Operator
93H Electronic Countermeasures Specialist
93J Air Traffic Controller Radar Controller
93J Countermeasures Search Specialist
93K ATC Approach Control/Enroute Specialist
93L Air Traffic Control Chief
9414 Fire Protection Officer
941A Food Service Technician
94A Food Service Helper
94B Food Service Specialist
94C Meat Cutter
94D Baker
94E Pastry Baker
94F Hospital Food Service Specialist
94Z Food Service Supervisor
9511 Camouflage Officer
951A Criminal Investigator
951B Polygraph Examiner
951C Questioned Document Examiner
951D Firearms & Toolmark Examiner
951E Latent Fingerprint Examiner
951F Forensic Photographer
951G Forensic Chemist
95B Military Police
95C Corrections Specialist
95D CID Special Agent
9600 General Electronics Warfare Cryptologic Officer
9601 Cryptanalytic Officer
9604 Language Officer
9610 Electronic Warfare Officer
961A Attache Technician
9620 Signal Intelligence Officer
962A Image Interpretation Technician
9630 Signal Security Officer
963A Interrogation Technician
9640 Electronic Warfare Cryptologic Staff Officer
964A Order of Battle Technician
9666 Counterintelligence Officer
9668 Area Intelligence Officer
96B Intelligence Analyst
96C Interrogator
96D Imagery Analyst
971A Counterintelligence Technician
972A Area Intelligence Technician
97B Counterintelligence Agent
97C Area Intelligence Specialist
97D Military Intelligence Coordinator
97Z Military Intelligence Sergeant Major
981A Cryptanalytic Technician
982A Traffic Analysis Technician
983A Emanations Analysis Technician
988A Voice Intercept Technician
98A Communication Security Clerk
98B EW/Cryptanlytic Cryptanalyst
98C Signals Intelligence Analyst
98D Communications Security Analyst
98G Voice Interceptor
98H Voice Countermeasures Operator
98J Communications Interceptor/Analyst